Local Hikes

Zero-Mile marker: “The spot where a measured trail begins; may or may not be the trailhead”

My zero-mile mark started about a year ago when I discovered my love for hiking. I was going through a hard transition in my life and I needed an outlet. I started by creating a bucket list of hikes local to Suwanee, Georgia (able to make a day trip ). Some of my top hikes from that list are…

Tallulah Gorge-Slidding Rock Trail

Panther Creek Falls

Yonah Mountain

Blood Mountain  

Sweet Water Creek State Park-Red Trail

Amicalola Falls State Park

Black Rock Mountain-Edmonds Back Country Trail

Sawnee Mountain Preserve-Indian Seats Trail

Trips and Tricks

  1. Follow the links for the hikes you want to do, at the bottom of each page you will find GPS coordinates. Plug them into your phone and screen shot the directions. At a lot of locations you will lose reception
  2. Bring a pack with plenty of water and essentials. (in my next post I will go over my essentials in my pack)
  3. Make sure you read about the trail and know which trail makers to look for. Some parks and trails are well marked and others are not.
  4. Bring friends and make sure to take lots of pictures!


Enjoy the climb!



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